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Rabu, 28 Juli 2010

.. CompLicateD ..

Hai hai,,
See you Again with me,,

uhm,, This time I will try to write with "normal"  *hhahaha,, 
without the "L" large, without writing the "Alay" but still with punctuation 2x,, *hhehehe,,

This afternoon, I was still in bed, 
after I wrote last night and then overslept,, * hhahaha,, 
*hhohohoOo,, bad habit, fortunately I still remember when my laptop does not use battrai, so I don't directly revoke his power,, hmm,, a fortune *hhihihi,, :p 
Hmmm,, a bread and a cup of cold coffee this afternoon to accompany my lunch,, 
whoops, I did not shower but i had finished to brush my teeth,, 

Aww, my eyes looked swollen, because last night crying, 
no what what .. * Hhehehe,,: p 
because a girls was very easy use the feelings for every problem,,, (maybe)

aahh, I was pleased to see this blog is no longer plain, * hhehehe,, 
this several days,, I'm spend time to decorate the blog, but seems now I am starting to feel bored,, * hhahaha,, 

Then, if it has been bored like this, what should I do??
I hope I can do something useful for the future,, 
what's that? 
Hmmm, I was curious try to learn flash and read some books about databases that i have prepare for the holidays now,, 
but the many activities planned just makes me confused,, What should i do,,??
 * hhihihi,, 

Mmmm,, hey guys,, 
anyone can explain to me where love is coming,,?? 
owhh,, no no,, that stupid question,, 
* Hhahaha,, 
mMm,, now,, I'm not falling in love,,
but i feel diferrent something in my heart,, I don't know what the feeling?!
after yesterday I was walk to the forum H2H in kaskus,, 
so many thoughts that arise in my mind, 
how could someone do the worst things in life just because of love,, 
ck,, ck,, ck,, 
but not little if love bring in a significant change,, 
ah, well,, I'm not mood to talk about love at present,, 
I hate when love brings me to be weak, I hate when love is always pressing my soul, I hate when love is not rewarded,,
heLoOow,, Love needs the process, and love are not easily interpreted,,
-- Love Love Love,, --

..when the time comes I will go and you could not find me..

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