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Jumat, 21 Januari 2011

..basic doll (huwahaha..)

Dear diaryna,,
huaAahh,, beautiful morning without having to struggle with college Indonesia,,
oops,, this afternoon was no class DBMS,, *hore,, hore,,
actually i don't want to go to college, but since there are tasks sistel,,
so, my schedule today is to collect sistel at campus, and then went to the bank for paying tuition,,
* HadoOohh,, didn't feel had to pay the expensive tuition again this,,

* HuFt,,

Finally the activities of this day is finished,,
next,, it is time to review of events today,,
Okay,, although now there are no lectures,,
But I had some lessons today,,
1. should not be put off duty,,
Because this morning working on practice problems sistel 60 questions in a hurry, the result,, my writing really bad,,
2. the sooner the better,,
Usually i paid on the first day of class is always the opening of registration,, since the blow of bad news,, it seems so lazy to pay for college,, * hhihi,,
But so busy myself,, because on the last day it is so queue once,,
3. must be independent,,
If you can do something themselves,, it's better to do alone,, * hhoho,,
4. learn to understand people
Oya,, today already i am "setting" a good women for my day, but suddenly turned into evil women,, * hhaha,,
Okay,, the evil women is called "sihirina"
Sihirina say: "hey doll,, is not satisfied if,, I have been toying you,, * hhaha,, basic donkey, always fall in a same hole,"
Good women  say: help for him did not fall again,,
The authors say: hhaAa, well, I do not want to help him again, whatever he wants to do, I do not care about you anymore,, * hhoho,,

Ooke,, I will open my mask today,,

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